NEMA VSP P3-2020 | Power Quality Monitors: From a Transient Perspective

The intent of this paper is to evaluate empirical use-case examples of select Power Quality Monitoring (PQM) devices claiming transient voltage capturing capabilities, review transient voltage recording capabilities of select PQM devices against the prevailing definitions of transient voltage characteristics, and present a path forward for creating a Guide or Recommended Practice for capturing and recording transient voltage events with “next-generation” PQMs. | Download

NEMA SPD 1.1-2019 | Surge Protective Device Specification Guide for Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems

This guide is the first in a new series intended to guide the evaluation, specification, and use of SPD’s deployed in low-voltage power distribution system applications. | Download

NEMA VSP 1-2017 | Susceptibility of Electrical and Electronic Components to Surge Damage

The purpose of this paper is to present the test results of actual devices in a real-world surge environment and will generate information on the surge susceptibility for various electrical components. | Download

NEMA VSP P2-2019 | Impact of Surges on Equipment: Susceptibility of Electronics to Surge Damage

The intent of this paper is not to evaluate the safety and/or product performance of companies installed electrical systems, but to create awareness and offer guidance based on real-world testing of protection that will help prevent problems with products. | Download