NEMA SPD 1.1-2019 | Surge Protective Device Specification Guide for Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems

This guide is the first in a new series intended to guide the evaluation, specification, and use of SPD’s deployed in low-voltage power distribution system applications. | Download

NEMA VSP 1-2017 | Susceptibility of Electrical and Electronic Components to Surge Damage

The purpose of this paper is to present the test results of actual devices in a real-world surge environment and will generate information on the surge susceptibility for various electrical components. | Download

NEMA VSP P2-2019 | Impact of Surges on Equipment: Susceptibility of Electronics to Surge Damage

The intent of this paper is not to evaluate the safety and/or product performance of companies installed electrical systems, but to create awareness and offer guidance based on real-world testing of protection that will help prevent problems with products. | Download